Collaboration Through Art Program, jointly presented by The Multiplex Connectivity Centre, Kurri Kurri Community Services Futurepreneurs Program, is offering young people aged 18-24 the opportunity to engage with professional tuition for Art, Culture and Business Development.

During the program, participants will produce one collaborative artwork as a culmination of the skills and knowledge learned during the art and culture portion of the program. This artwork will be provided to Multiplex where it will be professionally reproduced on the Fence Mesh Shade-Cloth which adorns the construction fencing surrounding the John Hunter Hospital redevelopment.

Upon completion of the artwork printing, a launch of the program will occur and an opportunity will be given to all participants to exhibit their own artwork at this launch. Biographies and photography of participant’s artworks will be publicly marketed during and after the program.

Know of anyone who interested? Please reach out or complete the below survey.