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Kurri Kurri Youth Services

Hunter Commercial Services deliver facility management services in the area of ground maintenance and commercial cleaning. We are a social enterprise, with 65% of our workforce recognised as having a disability. Through our employment, we enable our employees to lead an independent life.

Our Services

Hunter Commercial Services (HCS) is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) which gives people living with disability the opportunity to live and work in a community that accepts them as valued individuals. For over 30 years, Hunter Commercial Services has provided employment to people living with disability who live in and around the Hunter Valley.

This Supported Employment Service is a division of Kurri Kurri Community Services Ltd, a well-respected, not-for-profit, community run organisation with a history dating back to the early 80’s.

HCS was established to increase employment options and life skills for its employees while also providing Hunter based businesses with professional quality contracting services.

We boast numerous long-term working relationships that extend for well over a decade including major infrastructure managers, commercial enterprises, property managers and SME’s.

Many of our team members have over 10 years employment. We invest heavily in training and mentoring for our people to ensure they remain engaged, committed, safe and happy in their work - in essence, our crew take great pride in their

HCS is committed to a providing a dynamic learning environment for all employees so they can continue to gain new skills and work experiences. All of our employees have multiple ‘tickets’ with proven competency across a number of different practices including machine operation, handling and spraying of chemicals and application of first aid. Many also have Certificate II, III or IV qualifications in Asset Maintenance and Workplace TAE (Supervision & Training).

We use the latest, up to date and well maintained equipment, meaning we have the ‘right tool for the right job’. We carry all the required insurances and certifications and our crew members are all fully qualified and receive ongoing training.

The services we provide are consistent to our 3rd Party Accreditation of our WHS and Quality Management Systems.   Our Accreditations are integrated into our business plan and service deliverables, and monitored through our regular internal site audits. We also recognise the importance of a partnership is open and transparent communication with
regulated reporting and frequency.

We are centrally located in the heart of the Hunter adjacent to the Hunter Expressway and currently service clients across a wide area that includes the Central Coast, Greater Hunter, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Great Lakes region.

Grounds Maintenance

First impressions count!

Customers will make an initial decision about how they perceive your business, based on the appearance of your building and grounds care. That is why it’s important to ensure the exterior of your building looks immaculate at all times.

Our ground maintenance team provide a range of professional and landscape maintenance services to enhance, or simply maintain, your commercial or residential property.

We are also experienced in landscape design and implementation which compliments Grounds Maintenance. We currently service over 650,000m2 in the regions based on Scheduled 3 and 5 weekly cycles..

Minor modifications include:

  • Grab Rails
  • Handheld Shower
  • Lever Handles for Doors
  • Tyrex Wedges (Ramps)

Major modifications include:

  • Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry Modifications
  • Ramps
  • Stair & Chair Lifts
  • Concrete Pathway
  • Automation

Commercial Cleaning

Outsource your commercial cleaning requirements to our team will make better use of your time and your employees time.

Our commercial cleaning teams provide services to all types of commercial establishments, small or large.  Based on your required scope of works, our frequency of delivery is either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  These cleaning service activities include:

  • Hard floors such as vinyl, concrete, wood, lino & tiles
  • Soft floor such as carpet and carpet tiles
  • Floor Polishing
  • Furniture, fixtures, fittings and all other internal surfaces
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Toilet and ablution amenities
  • Kitchen, food preparation areas and tea rooms
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Garbage/litter removal
  • Doors including handles, plates, tracks and jams
  • External paths leading to entry of buildings
  • External features
  • External window cleaning at height

Hazard & Litter Reduction

Does your business border a fire prone area? If it does, clearing fire hazard material and litter can be an important step in reducing the risk for your business against potential disaster.

Fire hazard and roadside litter reduction is the activity of removing hazards before a fire occurs to minimise damage to life and property, such as your business. These hazards are simply any type of material that can fuel a fire including leaf litter, grass, garden mulch, woodpiles, petrol, alcohol and natural gas.

Our team is very experienced at clearing fire hazard materials and roadside litter and will do so in a safe and responsible manner to ensure the smooth operation of your commercial business is maintained.

Graffiti Removal

Don't let your reputation be ruined...

Graffiti is a form of visual pollution that can damage the reputation of any business or home.

The difficulty of removing graffiti is determined by the length of time the graffiti has been left on the building for. The longer it’s there the harder it will be to remove and the more inviting it will be for future vandalism to occur.

Graffiti removal can be a time-consuming task and should be left to those who understand the correct methods to reduce the risk of chemical damage to the building.

Our team can effectively remove graffiti quickly from any building surface without causing harm to the building or environment using the necessary equipment and products to restore the building back to its original condition.

We have done extensive Graffiti Removal within the region and a testament are before and after photo’s that can be provide to show varying levels of Graffiti Removal.

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We welcome all feedback as part of our continuous improvement processes and encourage everyone to provide both positive and negative feedback to allow us to implement improvements. All feedback can be made without fear of reprisal and we have a number of avenues such as telephone, email or our feedback form. Feedback can be provided anonymously but it is helpful if we can contact you to discuss your feedback in detail and update you with actions implemented as a result.

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