Wellbeing Services

At KKCS we have been providing in-home and centre based care and support to local people in need for almost 30 years. We have a talented and dedicated team of professional carers and our service delivery areas are Cessnock, Maitland and Newcastle LGAs.

We pride ourselves on the personal level of service we deliver – our tailored plans that are designed for your specific needs. Enablement is central to everything we do. We ensure you, our client, always has options and total control over your care which ensures your wellbeing is maintained and allows you to live at home and enjoy all that is important to you.

Our Community Care unit incorporates a number of services which include:

New!  Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Their purpose is to provide supports to help people live comfortably in their own home.

To see if you are eligible for a Home Care Package call

My Aged Care 1800 200 422

As a community organisation Kurri Kurri Community Services is here to help you understand these programs and assist you along the way. Under a Home Care Package you get to choose the services you receive and who provides them. If you choose Kurri Kurri Community Services we can help you manage your Home Care Package and deliver many of the services you may want to assist you to remain living at Home within a Consumer Directed Care approach.

You can contact the Community Care team on 4937 4555.

Some of the services we can provide as part of your Home Care Package are:

Personal assistance

  • Shopping
  • Staying connected with your social and community activities
  • Transport to and from social activities and other appointments
  • Meal preparation and eating
  • Personal grooming including showering and dressing

Keeping your home the way you want

  • Help around the home
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Gardening and home maintenance
  • Changes to your home to make it easier and safer for you to live there

Other options you may choose

  • General advice about staying at home
  • Healthcare support such as arranging and taking you to visit with your GP and allied health professionals, like physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and dieticians
  • Wound care
  • Medication monitoring and prompting
  • Providing technological devices, equipment and other items that support your choices and keep you independent.
KKCS Kurri Kurri Community Services Care
Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

This is a program funded by the Department of Social Services through the My Age Care platform to help older people living in the community maximise their independence and wellness.

Your goals, preferences and choices are central to the support we provide. We work with you to maintain (or regain) your ability to continue to manage in your own home and do things for yourself.

The hours of support are meant to be low – maybe two hours a week – although sometimes you may need more time, such as if you have had a health event that has left you incapacitated or a key support person is away.

Services under the CHSP provided at KKCS are:

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Social Support Individual
  • Flexible Respite
  • Centre Based Respite
  • Transport
  • Goods & Equipment

To discuss your eligibility for this program or for further information, please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

KKCS Kurri Kurri Community Services Care
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

KKCS is a registered provider for the NDIS. As an NDIS registered provider we are able to provide a service that offers choice and control. The NDIS has clear support categories that individuals may access. KKCS is approved to provide both ‘Core’ support services and ‘Capacity Building’ support services.

The Core Support services offered by KKCS are focused on the individual client, specifically their day-to-day care and routines:

  • Daily personal activities
  • Participation in community

Social & civic activities – group and centre based activities

The Capacity Building support offered by KKCS are focussed on learning, building skills and interaction with others:

  • Support Coordination
  • Participation in community
  • Social & civic activities
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages
  • Transitions & supports
  • Innovative community participation
  • Development of daily living & life skills.
KKCS Kurri Kurri Community Services Care
NSW Community Care Supports Program (CCSP)

This program is funded by Family & Community Services. The CCSP funds basic maintenance and supports for younger people with a disability and also provides support services for their carers. The support services available from Kurri Kurri Community Services are:

  • Case Management – COPS (Community Options)
  • Social Support and Social Support Monitoring
  • Transport

We are currently in the next transition phase of NDIS funding for these services so they will cease from June 2017 when support will be provided under each person’s individual NDIA plans.

KKCS Kurri Kurri Community Services Care
Private Services

Our Community Care team can also assist with private services to allow independence and support for a short period of time or until approved services are available. Services we offer include:

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Social Support Individual
  • Flexible Respite
  • Centre Based Respite