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There are many reasons you should consider an ADE such as Kurri Contracting Service for your grounds maintenance, cleaning work, hazard and litter reduction, graffiti removal or packaging. The results are consistent (and consistently excellent!) and our pricing is competitive. But most importantly, when you use an ADE, you are helping your local community. You are helping to improve the lives of our assisted employees by providing them with a job that gives them purpose, enables them to build skills and self-confidence and be part of a successful team.

KCS guarantees a result that you will be happy with and ensures all work is undertaken with minimum disruption to your business. Our crews are extremely competent, boasting many years’ experience in the practice of grounds maintenance, landscaping, general gardening, vegetation clearance and litter reduction along with all aspects of commercial cleaning, graffiti removal and commercial packaging.

Our employees are given extensive training and on-the-job support so they can complete each task quickly, efficiently and safely. Our crew supervisors are extremely proficient and play an active role in each job. KCS is fully insured and carries all relevant WHS certifications. These documents are available on request. We are also happy to undertake all relevant site inductions, attend ‘toolbox talks’ and follow all other site-based safety and efficiency protocols when required.

Our equipment is modern, up to date and well maintained, meaning we have the ‘right tool for the right job’.

We have a long list of customers who are willing to serve as referees for other businesses who may be interested in our services. If you are keen to free up your time or save money on your existing maintenance and cleaning costs please talk to us about helping your business.

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