Occupational Therapy

Typically the home modification process starts via a referral from an Occupational Therapist, either one of our own KKCS team members or another OT that you’ve been introduced to by a health care professional. An O.T. is a qualified practitioner who ensures people are able to participate in or complete everyday activities, thereby promoting independence, safety and a continued quality-of-life. Everyday activities may include:

  • Personal care (showering/dressing/toileting)
  • Domestic tasks (cooking/cleaning)
  • Getting in and out of bed/chairs
  • Getting in, out and around your home.

In order to ensure participation in everyday activities, there are a number of assessments and interventions an OT can recommend including:

  • Home modification assessments, e.g. hand rails, ramps, bathrooms, lifts
  • Equipment assessments, e.g. showering and toilet aids, wheelchairs, kitchen aids etc
  • Pressure care assessments, e.g. seating, wheelchairs and beds
  • Life skills training and adapting activities, e.g. providing training and education on alternative techniques for promoting participation and skills development
  • Home safety, e.g. falls prevention and manual handling education
  • Cognitive assessments to assist with life skills and memory
  • Providing education to clients, carers and significant others regarding health promotion, and increasing safety and participation in everyday activities.

Whilst most referrals for this service come via an ‘O.T’, they can also be received from:

  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • General practitioners or other healthcare professionals and organisations
  • Private (self) referrals.

At KKCS we have our own team of Occupational Therapists who work directly with our implementation team to make sure you receive exactly what you need to ensure you are completely comfortable in your own home. Our in-house Occupational Therapists have specialised skills within the area of home modifications and have seen every conceivable living space and every challenge faced by people living with a disability so they have the experience and the ‘track record’ to ensure your needs will be met.