Vision, Mission & Values


At Kurri Kurri Community Services (KKCS) we believe that a strong and resilient community is one where everyone can actively participate. Our vision is a community where all members come together and participate to empower and support one another – creating a diverse and inclusive community that offers people of all abilities the opportunity to live, work, learn and socialise in the ways they choose.


Our mission is simple – to bring people together to empower and enable the communities we serve.


At KKCS we have one guiding value – Community.  It is why we are here and the reason we do what we do.  The power of community is our “True North”.   To honour that value we commit to the following:

Integrity and transparency:
We value openness, honesty and transparency and will always live up to our role as a trusted member of the communities we serve.

We are here to empower our communities and the people that live within them by building capacity and capability to solve individual and/or community-wide problems.

We engage with our communities, listen, and act upon what we hear.  We will partner with other social purpose organisations and governments to respond quickly to the needs within our communities.

Good Stewardship:
We will use our assets and resources efficiently and effectively.  We will always challenge ourselves to do better and deliver more for our communities.

We understand that we only exist to serve our communities.  In doing so we are open to learn from anyone, seek honest feedback, learn from our mistakes and are always open to change and improvement.

KKCS Strategic Intent for 2022

To deliver on our Mission, KKCS will live true to our primary value (Community) and honour our organisational commitments to the communities we serve.  To ensure we achieve our mission we will focus on five strategic focus areas which will serve as the focal points of all we do until 2022.

    1. Establishing a Community Hub:
      We will re-establish and strengthen our rightful position as the hub of the communities we serve.  We will provide a “one stop shop” for community members seeking any social engagement, activity or support.  We will grow our partnerships with governments, other social purpose organisations, community members and volunteers in this regard.
    2. Organisation Culture:
      We will become a diverse and inclusive organisation embracing all flavours of diversity.   We will develop a culture of learning and continual improvement where we build capacity and skills in ourselves as well as our community.  We will leverage our diversity and learning culture to implement client-centric approaches in everything we do.
    3. Operating environment that reflects our Mission:
      We will strengthen our corporate governance and develop the agile leadership that will be required for KKCS to grow and flourish in the changing markets we serve. We will build the efficient systems and processes – supported by underlying technologies and business tools – required to support consumer directed, competitive marketplaces.
    4. Diversify, offer more and be more sustainable:
      We will expand our service offer and geographical footprint to address unmet needs in the communities we serve and the surrounding communities. We will develop closer partnerships with other social purpose organisations to broaden our mutual capabilities.  We will develop a “commercial awareness” across the organisation and build select business units to operate as “profit for purpose” social enterprises that will fund other community services we offer.
    5. Build community awareness:
      We will build the community’s awareness in who we are and what we do.  We will develop our brand and establish effective engagement channels with all our stakeholders.  We will build awareness and affinity within governments and social purpose organisations to facilitate deeper and wider partnerships to pursue our vision.  Most important, we will build a community sense of ownership and pride over KKCS.