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Drop the Beat

The Youth Services team has a proven record of connecting with young people and helping them identify steps to reach their potential. This service highlights how invested our organisation is in the future of this area and that future fundamentally rests on the shoulders of the sons and daughters of Kurri Kurri and surrounding areas. Our flagship youth program for 2016 – Drop the Beat – was recognised by the Governor General during Child Protection Week!

The project was launched to raise awareness about the high rates of domestic violence in the Cessnock LGA area and how family violence affects young people. The Youth Services team wanted to draw attention to this issue and shift the culture of violence that has become more prevalent in our region over recent years. It was a great opportunity for the young people involved and an awesome way to recognise how engaged the young people from the region area really are. The project is funded by a Youth Opportunities grant from the NSW Department of Families and Community Services.

Lakin Agnew and Jessica Dowler from KKCS and Youth Entertainment Committee members, Sophie and Georgia Cunningham were honoured to attend an event at the Governor General’s Official Sydney residence that recognised the program.

KKCS Kurri Kurri Community Services
Volunteer Spotlight

Ed helps out in our Home Modification department two mornings each week and has done so for the past 11 years. A native of Kurri, he was involved in a mining accident in 2004 which resulted in an early retirement.

“I was forced out of work which was a major disappointment to me. My physical injuries were bad but the loss or my routine, mateships and a sense of direction in my life was much worse,” explained Ed. “I quickly realised that I couldn’t just sit around all day and watch the world pass by. I wanted to help out in the community in some way and someone told me about the Community Centre and all the services they offer.”

“I came up the next week and offered to help and have been here ever since.” “I like the fact that I can have an influence in something that is making a difference in other people’s lives. When I see some of the situations people are in, I am very grateful for what I have,” he said.

Ed also enjoys the camaraderie shared by everyone at KKCS has and the strong sense of teamwork, especially in the Home Modifications team. “The companionship and the shared goals are a real bonus for me,” he said. “And I think my wife enjoys a regular break from me as well,” he joked. “So I’ll be coming back for plenty more years yet!”

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